Quality, Health and Safety



The DWC core staff has certifications from Bureau VERITAS, SGS and trained in Construction Management by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

DWC recognizes the need to sustain and continuously improve the quality of services provided to our clients. In today's ever-changing market, DWC acknowledges the requirement to provide documented assurances to our clients that the contracted work has been completed to the satisfaction of the customer and meets their respective specifications. Determination placed on providing the best quality product to our customers is our charter and will be the foundation of the way we do business into the future.



It is always the mission and intent of DWC to work safely on its construction sites and all operations, to fully comply with the requirements of the health and safety. The company has implemented an in-house quality and safety system covering the requirements of the International Standards Organization.

DWC is committed to providing a site that is safe, without risk to the health and welfare of its employees, subcontractors, and the general public. Measures to insure the proper care and safety of our employees and the prevention of injuries and damage to property is always integrated into our planning process